Pounding Bridal Shower

A few weeks ago I threw my sister-in-law a pounding. Since she’s getting married this week I figured that I should share a little bit from the shower. So, what’s a pounding? A pounding is a traditional party, usually thrown by community members, when guests would bring a pound of flour, a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, ect. Hence a pounding.  I was given a pounding as a bridal shower and it was amazing so I knew that I wanted to throw one in the future.

There aren’t very many pictures. In fact the only pictures that I have were taken by Kristen H Photography. The shower had to be moved inside about an hour before it started due to high winds. With lots of help and scrambling we got it moved and set-up. But! here are few of the photos that I have to share!








So there you go!

Besides fruits and veggies I made artichoke parmesan bites (phenomenal) and individual fruit pizzas (also delicious).

We played a who am I game where guests filled out cards with a memory and Rachel had to guess who it was, Guess the spices with 10 spice jars the guests had to guess, and a Ring hunt where I hid 25 rings around the shower and guests had to find them.

I actually love how the decorations turned out. Having 25ish people in my house was very tight but we made it work! We ate, played a few games, opened gifts, and had a great time!


Secondhand Sunday

This is the first installment in a hopefully long-running thread that I’ve decided to call Secondhand Sunday. At the end of every month I want to post my secondhand finds so that I can share them with all of you.  Things posted here will be from thrift stores, Goodwills, estate sales, auctions, and yard sales. Since this is the first post I’m going to include things from April and a couple things from March that deserve to be shared.

Let’s get started!

20170503_073812This is a lot of jewelry that I bought at an auction. I had glanced though it and noticed a few real pieces and after I bought it there was a lot more than I thought there was. I’ve always loved brooches and most of the other items pictures here are gold or sterling with only a few exceptions. I’ve already sold the scrap gold and got more back than I paid for the whole lot. I’ve also put quite a bit on commission with a jeweler who is doing some appraisals for me. I believe it was well worth my $75.

20170503_074139Here are two pieces of jewelry from this month that weren’t part of the auction lot. That fish brooch was just way too pretty to pass up for $2 at a thrift shop. The bracelet is sterling silver and I bought it where I sold my scrap gold and then I took it to a local jewelry store and had my monogram put on the charm. What true southern girl doesn’t love monograms? I think I have about $30 in the bracelet after having the charm done.

20170503_080609These adorable shoe clips were found at the Goodwill and were only a dollar. Shoe clips are hard to come by so I get excited whenever I find a cute set.

20170503_081051This little yellow bowl also came from the Goodwill. It’s Texas-ware and was only 59 cents. I love the Texas-ware splatter bowls so this is a fun addition.

20170503_081200My husband collects video games. He has SOOO many and I have no idea which ones he ones he has and which ones he doesn’t. So I called him while at a church yard sale and apparently he didn’t have these. I paid $20 but I also got some Wii games with them.

20170503_113606I always buy linens at auctions if they’re going really cheap. At this particular auction I think I spent $17 on everything I bought. These feedsacks were in the bottom of a box. They definitely need to be cleaned but there were two of the yellow and pink and that blue one is awesome. Five feedsacks to add to the collection.

20170503_114029These lovely embroidered items were also in the random auction boxes. I think I ended up with 4 sets of pillow cases.

20170503_114136There were also these lovely hankies.. I Love. Hankies.

20170503_113002This amazing dress was in the bottom of a box of fabric. It’s in really good condition and also has it’s matching belt. These 2 necklaces were in the box as well. Too bad this dress is way too small for me.

20170503_113706In the same box with the dress there were also 2 cotton slips. Unfortunately also way too small for me to wear.

20170503_112531Now, on to Goodwill clothing purchases. I’m always on the lookout for vintage baiting suites in good shape. This was also the “color of the week” so even after rounding up my change it only cost me a whopping $2.


Check out this amazing dressing gown set. The gown itself is beautiful but OMG this robe. It has a high collar, 3/4 sleeves, tie neck and fabric covered buttons at the waist. I seriously can’t get over how amazingly beautiful this set is. Like the most amazing vintage items it’s an XS but still way too pretty to pass up. I believe it was $3.59.

20170503_114437I imagine that this skirt is from the 80s.  It’s Liz Claiborne and the colors are just so much fun. This was also “color of the week” so it ended up being about $1.80.

20170503_114359This dress is everything that was great about the 70s. Minus the fact that it’s polyester. It’s a little tight but luckily the stretch of the poly helps with that. The empire waist and slender V neckline make this dress very flattering. Another “color of the week” purchase so it cost around $2.50. If you would like to see a picture me wearing this dress, while at a local art gala, check out my Instagram feed.

20170503_114255I wasn’t totally sure about this dress but since it was “color of the week” I went for it. How wrong can you go for $2.50. It’s actually very flattering. I’m sure that it’s supposed to have a matching belt but I think I’ll put a white belt with it since I’ll probably wear white oxfords. I think I may wear this when I throw my sister-n-law a pounding bridal shower (I’m sure it will be a future blog post).

That’s all for this post! I did get several bags of clothing and accessories from my grandmother since I’ve been helping her clean out her closets (all eight of them and the attic). I think that those deserve their own series because they are all so awesome. Think hats, aprons, coats, shoes, purses, and clothes (including nursing uniforms)! I’ll probably end up splitting everything that I got from her into a few posts so stay tuned!


Blog? What blog?

Hey guys!

So I’ve been told that I should start a blog…

I don’t really know where to start so I’ve just decided to start by documenting our everyday lives here at Alexander Acres. I’m sure that means that this blog will be full of posts about quilting, sewing, cooking, baking, chickens, cats, renovations, thrift store finds, auction purchases, and possibly nothing at all! I hope that you find something worth reading and enjoy seeing our happy simple life!


So this tree is in our yard. When we bought the house we thought it was dead.  Is it an apple tree? Does anyone know? My PaPaw says it’s an apple tree. I guess I can just wait a few weeks and find out for sure, you know, see if it has apples, but, I’m impatient.