Blog? What blog?

Hey guys!

So I’ve been told that I should start a blog…

I don’t really know where to start so I’ve just decided to start by documenting our everyday lives here at Alexander Acres. I’m sure that means that this blog will be full of posts about quilting, sewing, cooking, baking, chickens, cats, renovations, thrift store finds, auction purchases, and possibly nothing at all! I hope that you find something worth reading and enjoy seeing our happy simple life!


So this tree is in our yard. When we bought the house we thought it was dead. ┬áIs it an apple tree? Does anyone know? My PaPaw says it’s an apple tree. I guess I can just wait a few weeks and find out for sure, you know, see if it has apples, but, I’m impatient.


One thought on “Blog? What blog?

  1. I agree with your PaPaw that it is an apple tree. I will enjoy reading about the quilting ,chickens and auctions for l too enjoy quilting ,auctions…. and chickens !


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