About Alexander Acres

My name is Elizabeth and my husband is Jay.  We were married in June 2015 and we purchased our home in September 2016.  We have just over 3.5 acres in the little town of Austinville, VA.  We currently have 2 cats, Gypsy Belle and Charles Tucker, and we just brought home eight tiny little chickens. As far as other animals are concerned, I have to prove that I can keep chickens alive and then I’ve been told that I can have goats!

Jay and I both love thrift store shopping, going to estate auctions, and yard sale scouring.  He collects vintage video games and I collect vintage (clothes, accessories, dishes, furniture, decorations, ect.) I would describe our style as vintage eclectic farmhouse, hopefully that makes sense.

I love all crafts but foremost consider myself a quilter.  I also really enjoy making jewelry, pretending to sew clothes, and dabeling in woodworking.  I’m also a pretty proud chef, an improving baker, and a hopeless flower planter.

I work as a substitute teacher and as an art teacher at a local non-profit art school.  I love working with kids and both of these jobs allow me to do that. With the art school we work with the local school system and their after-school programs.  I teach sewing, jewelry, and woodworking to middle-schoolers. It can be crazy but generally it’s also very rewarding.

I hope everyone enjoys this little window into our happy simple life!