Pounding Bridal Shower

A few weeks ago I threw my sister-in-law a pounding. Since she’s getting married this week I figured that I should share a little bit from the shower. So, what’s a pounding? A pounding is a traditional party, usually thrown by community members, when guests would bring a pound of flour, a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, ect. Hence a pounding.  I was given a pounding as a bridal shower and it was amazing so I knew that I wanted to throw one in the future.

There aren’t very many pictures. In fact the only pictures that I have were taken by Kristen H Photography. The shower had to be moved inside about an hour before it started due to high winds. With lots of help and scrambling we got it moved and set-up. But! here are few of the photos that I have to share!








So there you go!

Besides fruits and veggies I made artichoke parmesan bites (phenomenal) and individual fruit pizzas (also delicious).

We played a who am I game where guests filled out cards with a memory and Rachel had to guess who it was, Guess the spices with 10 spice jars the guests had to guess, and a Ring hunt where I hid 25 rings around the shower and guests had to find them.

I actually love how the decorations turned out. Having 25ish people in my house was very tight but we made it work! We ate, played a few games, opened gifts, and had a great time!